• Today is the First Day of the Rest of My Blog

    Yes today is the first day of the rest of my blog.  For those Sherlock Holmes types, yes you will see that I made one post on July 8 that clearly predates this one, so how can this be deemed as number 1?  I think a 5 month spread between posts does not a really fabulous blog make, so today is my do over. 

    I shouldn't make it sound like I've never blogged before.  I've been blogging for years.  When people like my mother would ask, what's a blog?  Wait, I think she still asks me that. Bad example. 

    In any case, I've blogged for my restaurant, where I've channeled my inner burger eating, late night music loving, spread head.  I've blogged for the Steamboat Springs Chamber Resort Association - where I had the love at first type pleasure of writing about all of the amazing summer events in Steamboat.  I even made a video blog that made my boss cry (in a good way). And I've blogged about all of the lovely things to do and buy in my darling little ski town.  I've forced (I mean, ENCOURAGED) clients to write  blogs, I've given speeches on blogging benefits for business (and other "b" words) and I am totally and completely addicted to reading blogs. 

    My faves include Meadow Devor's money blogPhotojojo, Zen Habits, The Worst Mother (LOOOOOVVVVEEEE HER!)  The bestest blog roll is long for me and perhaps if I spent a little less time on other people's blogs, I'd get my own blog blogging, but, hey, that's a little too self involved for me. right now.  I heart blogs. And I have no intention of stopping my blog reading addiction just yet.

    But this is the first blog that will really truly be from my brain to yours.  You might see how there are a lot of cob webs and dust bunnies that need to be cleared out and by early 2012, you might begin to notice that my mental clean sweep has commenced, morning page stage is over and every word uttered just comes out with the sound of a pullitzer prize winner and the soul of a 6 year old making purple play dough.

    So I guess the crazy, stuckness to starting this blog is that it's me.  My voice, my words, my photos and my crazy pants thoughts.  Yes, a client just called me "crazy pants Larock" and I took it as the highest compliment I've received since Lizzie "the Lizard" Loud (from a cute boy) circa 1988.

    So thank you for reading, for subscribing, for forwarding, for sharing, for commenting and (ESPECIALLY) for creating right along side me. 

    Let's just be ourselves and get writing.  Shitty first drafts are waiting.  Bloody briliant 3rd drafts can't emerge until that first and shittiest draft is penned out. 

    You first.

    Ok no, me first.

    Side by side. 

    Write me in the comments pretty please with extra salt (I'm not a sugar fan) if you're beginning your own big bad ass adventure.  I'm here to rock your project just as much as I'm here to rock my own. 

    Let's do this thang. together.

    --Lizzie Larock

    About the photo: This photo is taken from our local mini golf course.  It marks the first of 18 holes that always kick my butt.  I suck at mini golf, but I'm a pretty fabulous photographer.  So my children get annoyed and other serious mini golf 4-somes must play through my flashes of creative capturing.  Oh well.