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    I love my iphone.  Seriously.  And in November 2010, my dear friend and mentor, Karen Schulman of Focus Adventures introduced me to the art of iphoneography.  I was only using it to check email, text, post to facebook, make dinner reservations, video my kids, take a quick pic here and there (when I was without my "good" camera), but never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined how having an iphone would impact me as a photographic artist.  

    I have been a photographer since I was 16.  I've shot 35 mm, medium format, DSLR, polaroids, handmade negatives, pinhole cameras, lomography, multiple exposures, you name it.  If it's bizarre, out of the box and requires a lot of head banging, I've tried it.  I've always been intrigued by the weird and the wild.  I'm not the person you call for a straight on landscape.  I'm way more interested in the little details, the odd angles, the serendipitous moments.  

    And the iphone has changed the way I shoot.  As Chase Jarvis so eloquently illustrated in his book, the best camera is the one that's always with you.  I don't usually plan on seeing something amazing and I sure as shit can't carry around my big rig all the time (especially with 6 year old twins). But you bet your bottom dollar that I always have my iphone with me, so I'm able to take shots whereever I am and capture all those cool moments without hesitation.  

    The photo in this blog post was one of my very first iphoneography shots.  I was skiing in the trees with my hubby, enjoying the amazing powder when, next thing I knew, I was head first in a pile of snow.  After I dusted myself off, got my goggles wiped down and my skier self sorted out, I looked up and saw the gorgeous Aspens covered in snow towering above me.  I quickly grabbed my iphone, used the hipstamatic app, did a little roll the dice number and ended up on the first take with this little bit of fabulousness.  Then I clicked back into my bindings, finished the rest of the run and reassured my husband that I hadn't gotten stuck in a tree well.  

    Tonight I am in an EYE PHONEOGRAPHY show with my photog friends and our teacher, Karen Schulman.  We're part of the First Friday Artwalk and are showing our eclectic array of funky photos at Off The Beaten Path in downtown Steamboat.  Our photos are full res, blown up and printed by the amazing Joel Schulman (Karen's husband) and owner of the high end digitial photographic print shop PhotographicArts.  Yes he can print AND ship, so email him your high res photos and he'll get them off of the camera and onto the walls (where they should be) on watercolor paper that is so gorgeous you'll nearly cry everytime you pass your photo by...

    If you're in Steamboat, please stop by and chat with me tonight about all things eyephone (or all things photography) or heck whatever you want to chat with me about.  I'm in the company of some seriously talented artists from the Steamboat Photography Group.  I'm sure we'll even share a few trade secrets about our favorite apps (there are a bazillion of them) if you ask nicely and bribe with baked goods or a glass of wine from Off the Beaten Path.  Thank you to, Kim Keith (another seriously amazing photographer) for inviting us into this cozy space so each of us can

    play a bit bigger in the world
    share our work
    and connect with other EYE PHONE lovers.  

    And if you're a long distance friend, wait for my next blog post and I'll share a little virtual tour of the EYE phone inspiration.  Oh and last parting words (also known as the requisite "moral of the story":

    when you fall on your head in life, be sure to look up, because the view and change of perspective might just make it the best fall you've ever taken.  

    And I've got the photo to prove it....

    PS This is not one of the photos I'm showing tonight, for that reveal, you'll have to come and see me.  5pm-7pm First Friday Artwalk, Friday, March 2, 2012, Off the Beaten Path, Downtown Steamboat.  

    About the photo
    Look Up, by Lizzie Larock
    Hipstamatic App - iphone
    December 2010