• If I knew I couldn't fail, I would ...

    I wrote this postcard to myself 5 months ago.  It was sent to me from me on my birthday, August 6.  I was rooting around my P.O. Box looking for birthday presents (ha truth be told, I was looking for birthday moolah) and what I found was my own handwriting and my message from a different head space


    It was disarming, and lovely.  A mini bit of magic on the celebration of my 39th year.  And I needed to read this kick in the ass on this particular 6th day of August 2012. 

    Here's what it says:

    Dear Lizzie,

    You actually can't fail -- it's just your mind playing its sad sorry song.  So write. Be Big. Be wonderful. Kick ass.  Get the memoir published.  Start the movement of storytelling.  Complete the photography book.  And sing on stage again. 

    It's a body of work.  A rich well lived life.  And even failure is just material for your next story.



    PS Thank you dear Martha Beck angels for forcing me to write this letter - oh yeah - I resisted it big time.  Thank you for giving me the head clarity to get this 4 x 6 oracle back to myself.  And thank you for mailing it to me after I had completely and utterly forgotten about it. (crazy mind story et al).  And thank you for making it the most memorable birthday present I have ever received (including the bright yellow Jeep I got when I was 16 and apparently, color blind).  A love note to my self that I've read now at least 39 times.  I think I just might write one every year.