• TriumphANT

    Who can resist an Easy Rider?  I mean, seriously, a man on a motorcycle is just pretty darn adorable.  Except when it's the father of your children.  Your partner in crime, your confidante & best friend.  And you find out that accidents are guaranteed on a bad ass bike.  Then it becomes not so cute.  Because you're 39 not 19 and you think about life insurance and surgeries and and and and and.  But your husband turns 40 and happily trades his thirties in for a gorgeous retro bike from England - and begins to resemble Steve McQueen in blue jeans and boots.  So you agree.  And cheer him on.  And make sure that the helmet is on his head - not hanging in the garage. 

    And then in the midst of taking photos of the gorgeous logo - you realize - this is more than a bike and a two wheeled wonder.  This is HIS triumph.  Through 4 surgeries in 4 years, plus injuries both mental and physical that he's worked hard to blast through.  Roadblocks he's overcome.  Detours to health. "What a long strange trip it's been" (G Dead). And This is his victory lap.  This is his triumph.  And man, he does look pretty handsome on that thing...