• Sliding into 2013

    I didn't watch the ball drop last night, I didn't wax poetic about my 2012 accomplishments, I didn't list out pages of resolutions and I definitely didn't clink champagne glasses with my beloved in the 11th hour.  I actually climbed in bed at 9pm, squeezed my eyes shut and happily said sianara to a year that started with migraines and ended with a possible lawsuit.

    I woke up this morning hoping that a good night's rest would remedy my "dear God what's ahead of me panic" of last night.  8 hours of shut eye usually has that healing affect on me.  But the dread over upcoming legal proceedings seemed to have a death grip over my usual new year's optimism.

    I couldn't blame this overwhelming desire to pull the covers over my head on any kind of late night libations as I had had none.  Just a homemade hangover courtesy of a cocktail of crappy thoughts.  Thoughts that robbed me of my usual high spirited self.

    So what's a woman to do when she's been through 3 years of coach training, practices mindfulness for stress reduction and generally knows better?

    She throws everything she's learned out the window, accepts the shit sandwich that needs to be dealt with tomorrow and hurls herself down the driveway in a brand spanking new, super slick sled with two twinnies in tow.

    And that's exactly what I did.  I dragged myself out of bed, put on my big girl snow pants and slid my way into celebrating 2013.  I breathed in single digit air, swallowed a few gulps of snow, flew sideways, backwards and crashed into snowbanks. I tumbled, I laughed and I threw that damn caution to the wind.  Then I dusted myself off, hiked back up the hill and flew back down again.

    There's something to be said for forward momentum.  A nice parallel for perhaps what's in store for me this coming year.  When I think about today, I remember that there's the sweet speed that gravity provides after I've climbed that mountain.

    So tomorrow I have a big hill to climb.  And although I know I might be in for another wild ride in 2013, I'm also gearing up for some seriously smooth (and soul soothing) sledding.