• My LaROCK Stars of 2012

    It started with Shauna and her vision, Sacred Punk.  She's a saint.  Right here on earth.  And she tasked me with designing her brand and her site.  A grunge inspired love fest peppered with purple shoes and paintings. 

    And then came my masterpiece.  Bikram Yoga Lake Helen.  A way to change your life and bend your body.  From interior inspirational posters to the full fledged identity for signage and t-shirts, I got to do it all.  The logo, the look, the online version of this brand new Central Florida yoga mecca. 

    And I got to work with Terri Fedonczak of A Life in Balance AGAIN.  She is so awesome, I could talk to her daily.  I created this slideshow book club and campaign for the launch of Finding Your Way in a Wild New World book club.  I fell so in love with our promotion of this class, that I even signed myself up (plus all proceeds went to an awesome charity).  We bent spoons, called dolphins and wooed out over countless phone conversations. 

    The Steamboat Group was my summertime surprise.  I had a blast shooting photos and writing blog posts for their award winning web site.  It was fairly easy to brag about the town I know and love best, Steamboat, Colorado.  And it was such a blast having a creative and cool platform from which to sing Steamboat's praises.  Jon Wade and his team are incredible.  If I can talk any (or all) of my readers into moving to our amazing little piece of heaven here, well, you know who to go to for the inside real estate scoop. 

    Lila Kates PHD was a sheer pleasure to work with.  For my Martha Beck community, Lila is not only a veteran in the therapy world, she is also known as, Jackie Gartman's mother.  We took Lila's 25 year career as a marriage and family therapist and translated it into web copy and a site/logo that could communicate clearly and compassionately with her potential clients.  Who could've known that writing copy about challenging marriages, difficult divorces and affairs could actually be so enjoyable.  Lila was a wealth of therapeutic knowledge and I loved bringing her clinical life to the online world. 

    Steamboat Springs Arts Council's Young at Art Program...  This was another 2012 favorite.  Who could resist creating a new identity for what used to be the Kaleidoscope art program for kids.  We changed the name to Young at Art, created a whole new look, developed online registration (instead of the 'ole paper form that they had been using for years) and launched this new program into the Steamboat stratosphere.  Camps were at capacity, creativity oozed out of every window at the depot and I even got to do photo shoots at each of the week long sessions.  I adore young artists.  This was a fantastic project.  Thank you to Susan at the depot for bringing me on board for this. 

    Jen Murphy & Solutions Counseling Services was yet another amazing experience.  Jen Murphy is one of the nation's top adolescent therapists and translating her brand into the online world was also hugely rewarding.  Jen helps teens transitioning home after treatment and I never stopped being in awe of the work that she's doing around the world.  We created a site that would be informational to fellow clinicians referring her services as well as comforting to parents who were finding her on their own.  We also wanted the site to feel young and appeal to the many teens who are her actual clients.  Part two for Jen in 2013 includes Gutsy Girl Talk ... a community for teens wanting support in the challenges that young adulthood presents them with.  I can't wait.

    These were the biggies, but I had the esteemed pleasure of working with so many other amazing coaches and entrepreneurs as well. I designed an e-book template for Audrey Wilson, created gorgeous branded stationary for past client Donna Kramer, idea stormed with Ro Coury, and created online relationship classes with Annmarie Chereso.  I pre-launched with Tame Your Thought Monster's, Katie McClain, I consulted on product creation with The Worst Mother's Lin Eleoff and I got to review Coaching Practice in a Box for Sarah Yost.  My 12 month calendar was jam packed with badass business owners making MAJOR breakthroughs.

    I had some amazing mentors as well for my own business.  I owe billboard sized thank yous to the sizzling fire starting Danielle LaPorte who rocked my world in a one-on-one private session.

    I got to not only have dinner with, but also had many many mindblowing marketing and writing sessions with the fantastic Pamela Slim. I horsed around in person with the renowned horse whisperer/equus coach Koelle Simpson. I UNRAVELLED with photographer and writer Susannah Conway. I got right with money with Nona Jordan. And I got my marketing groove on at Marie Forleo's B-School.

    And after all of that, I was lucky enough to train in an extremely elite group of Money Coaches with my all time favorite coach (and close friend), Meadow Devor. Yes, I am now officially certified (and certifiable) as a Meadow Devor Money Coach (another tool for the ole' business toolbelt)!

    I got to interview my creativity idol, Hugh Macleod. I wowed Dollar Shave Club Founder Michael Dubin with the hairy lengths I would go to to get him to talk to our Ignite Group.

    And I got up close and personal on the big Skype screen for Ignite with Ash Ambirge and Hey Amber Rae.

    I taught a Creative Caffeine class to the phenomenal Martha Beck International Coaching Community. I shot photos of my Rowdies in San Luis Obispo. I walked a labyrinth. I remodeled my restaurant (in 36 hours!).

    I listened. I learned. I laughed. 

    I came in last place in TWO ping pong tournaments.

    I coached friends and family.

    I bussed tables on burger night.

    I befriended my own crazy mind.

    I had breakdowns and breakthroughs.

    And then ta da ... I sewed a poodle skirt. 

    Thank you to 2012. I really truly brought you my best.  And I am incredibly grateful for this past crazy year.  Here's to another amazing trip around the sun.

    With love--

    Lizzie Larock
    LaRock Star Creative

    PS If you want to be a 2013 LaRock Star or you just want to find out how I coerced everyone I knew into helping with project poodle skirt (since I am an atrocious seamstress), send me an email.  I'd LOVE to hear from you. And better yet, I'd love to help you, your life and your business rock out this year.  Let's do this.  And if after reading the world's longest blog post, you want to delve into the LaRock Stars of 2011, head right this way...