• My LaRock Stars of 2013

    Hello LaRock Stars, future LaRock Stars and LaRock Star Groupies!  2013 was another fun year for marketing projects.  And I'd love to share a smattering of our LaRock Star clients and what they're up to...

    First up is Dream Baby Coaching.  Oh how I wish this business existed when my twins were babies!  Justine is a baby whisperer who works via Skype (yes one can whisper on Skype :-)).  She helps new moms navigate the oh-so-challenging world of getting your baby to sleep, sleep schedules, travel/jet lag and anything else related to dream time.  Here here to creating a world of well rested mamas and babies.  I had the pleasure of creating Justine's website to take this venture onto international screens and not just relegate Justine's services to those in the greater Chicago area. 

    Next up was my most energetic client of the year - a sheer pleasure to work with - Martine LaBreche!  Martine is from Montreal and I adored listening to her French accent.  This project was especially amazing because I had the opportunity to create her website in both English and French.  And, although my Francais is a tad rusty, I was able to assist with some of the translating which was tres interessant!  Martine is now a TV star in Montreal - having been on a Canadian reality TV show teaching the concepts of money coaching.  We worked on the world's tightest deadline to get her sites live and ready for her TV show debut.

    The Divas is a project that began in December and continues on through 2014.  Kristen came to me to create sales copy for the community she was creating in the Houston area.  We did some business branding deep dives to change the name from Kristen Baker's: Personal Development Community to what's known now as, The Divas.  I created persuasive copy for joining this young, vibrant group with a flair for fun and connection.  We focused very specifically on writing that was geared towards millennials (umm, an age bracket I am a tad older than, currently).  Kristen was thrilled with how spot on the words were for conveying the exact experience she wants potential Divas to have when landing on her site.  For the full sales page copy, click here:

    Simply Steamboat is a fantastic local client for whom I am privileged to write weekly blog posts.  I cannot think of a better job than getting paid to write about all of the fun things to do in my hometown of Steamboat, Colorado.  This is one helluva gig and I love it.  For a link to my full portfolio of travel writing/hospitality posts, head to this curated pinterest board (I shot most of the photos too)

    I also was hired by Tall Poppies Design to collaborate on an e-book for Simply Steamboat newsletter subscribers.  This book focused on all of the yummy eats in Steamboat.  Yes, I might have drooled a bit on the keyboard writing this one.  Katy did the design and I created the copy and together we created a fun, creative and very useful summer dining piece for Simply Steamboat. 

    I also had the pleasure of launching a brand new business in the parenting world founded by my friend and long time client, Annmarie Chereso.  Annmarie and her business partner, Michelle Thompson, created this company called Positively Mindful Parenting with the intention of leading some in person workshops in Chicago, Illinois.  With my help, we created a fun brand that would translate into not only local workshops, but online courses as well.  We created a weekly parenting meditation podcast - for calming we crazy/overscheduled/overtired moms down a bit - as well as an engaging pinterest/facebook/email marketing campaign.  Positively Mindful Parenting has some big plans for 2014, so no doubt, they'll be LaRock Stars for the 2014 post too!

    And this was a little bit of the pro bono work I did in 2013 - a topic that's close to my heart - making our classrooms function for the 21st century.  Anything that celebrates creativity and innovation is awesome in my world and when it benefits my children too - well we definitely have a win/win.  I assisted in the first year creation of the Challenge Fund - getting it off the ground with awareness marketing.  I created the marketing materials, shot photos at events, and helped with social media. 

    Other Challenge FUNd events:

    It's a good thing that I was there for my photography and people skills rather than my ping pong skills.  Can't say that I impressed anyone with my double's team last place banner.  But we sure did have a blast!  Here's a snapshot of the 2013 Paddle Battle event hosted by Vertical Arts for benefit of The Challenge Fund.  And here is the Photo album 2012 Paddle Battle.  Yes, Summer and I successfully defended our last place position two years in a row ...  And I imagine we'll get a 3rd one in 2014!  We don't give up - it's too much fun. 

    One of the highlights of my year was having the opportunity to shoot photos for my dear friend and colleague, Katy Martin of Tall Poppies Design.  Katy was debuting her absolutely gorgeous website for her website design business and I was hired to shoot portrait photos of her.  Despite her adorable mug, she is quite camera shy, so I enjoyed putting her at ease and then capturing her most vibrant self.  This was the photo she chose for her website.  It was, of course, the unplanned locale that I asked if we could try after two hours of shooting.  I precariously dangled myself from her staircase railing and got this gorgeous grin amidst her wall of K's...

    Photo Shoot of Katy Martin: Tall Poppies Design

    I was lucky enough to create the first Lori Kleiman website and when her business was getting an upgrade, she chose me to do the re-design.  Lori is one of my favorite coaches on earth - a huge delight to work with and don't you want to hit the cruiser trail with her some day?  I can't believe she and I have never actually met in person.  Someday...

    It was a huge honor to work on Allison Giles' website.  She's an amazing woman who lost her son to leukemia not too long ago, after a 5 year battle.  She wanted a place to house her cathartic writing, as well as a serene space to launch her new coaching business.  I created Allie's site and get to claim credit for her choice of using my ocean photo for the home page.  We launched this site just a few days before Christmas.  It was a lovely gift to us both and a great reminder of gratitude for ending the year. 

    And here she is ... the reason why 2014's LaRock Stars will be way more plentiful and why I got really really busy in the fall of 2013.  My BEST rock star of 2013, Ms Melissa Baker.  She is the proud new owner of Old Town Pub & Restaurant.  The place where my husband and I called home for the past almost 14 years as owners.  Melissa bought the Old Town Pub in October 2013 and is carrying on the 30-year legacy that is the Steamboat landmark, Old Town Pub.  She remodeled the interior, created a new menu and is carrying on Steamboat's best local tradition.  We still own this 111-year old building and we couldn't ask for a more incredible tenant.  Thank you, Melissa for being the BIGGEST LaRock Star of 2013 and many years to come. 

    If you want to be a 2014 LaRock Star, please just send me an email at  Listed in this post are all of the BIG projects I worked on in 2013, I also do mini branding sessions, business brainstorms, creativity coaching and much much more.  I'd love to hear what you're up to and see if I can help.  Cheers to your beautiful business in 2014!