Gratitude Challenge

Do you know what the one thing is that will...

help you sleep better, exercise more?
Buy less, connect more?
Boost your optimism, and decrease your stress?
Positively affect your energy, make you more alert and increase your resilience? Give you a greater sense of purpose, up your immune system, protect your heart and inspire you to take better care of yourself?

I know you’re wondering, what is this wonder drug, do I inject it or snort it and will it also clean my house, pay my bills and cart my kids around? 


While it can't do all of life's dirty work, it certainly can make the hum drum more fun!

Maybe after hearing the word "gratitude" you've just now gotten flashbacks of your mother's or miss manner's voice nagging at you about the proper etiquette for saying thank you.

Or maybe you've got the guilt-laden gratitude inner voice (on repeat) bullying you into being grateful as things could be so much worse.

Or you've just should'ed all over yourself with a whole list about why you and everyone in your family should have a gratitude practice.

While thank you notes, being polite and having perspective on a given situation  are important, the positive psychology version of gratitude that I'm teaching in this FREE 14-day challenge is more about an attitude than a platitude.

"Gratitude has the power to heal, energize and change lives."
–Robert A. Emmons, Ph.D., world’s leading scientific expert on gratitude.

It’s a bold statement, but it’s backed by some serious scientific vetting on Emmons’ part. And, for those of us already on the bandwagon, it’s validating to know that it’s no longer just a way to annoy our friends and family with our mandatory proclamations at Thanksgiving.

Gratitude is like netflix for our wellbeing. It gives us more positive emotions on-demand, such as joy, enthusiasm, love, happiness and optimism.

And while it increases the good stuff, it also innoculates us from the bad stuff like envy, resentment, greed and bitterness. 

Gratitude gets a whole lot of hoop la in November, it can easily be a year-round practice. No frozen turkeys required.

If your gratitude practice is as stale as last year’s stuffing...

or you haven’t written a thank you note since your wedding or your 10th birthday, then this challenge can help inspire you. 

It'll help especially if you’re already feeling resentful that the turkey cooking is your responsibility or just stressed and overwhelmed by the holiday season. It can also help if you just felt harried and hurried or not present in a while, gratitude is your remedy. 

How the Challenge Works...

It's Free! Enter your email and each day, starting on November 20 (for 10 days), you’ll get a snippet of the science of gratitude along with a practice designed to give you the upward spiral of positive emotions gratitude is well known for.

Some practices will be short, others longer.
None are mandatory.
Variety is key.
Specificity is crucial.
Take what resonates and leave the rest. 

How this Challenge is Different...

It's playful, it's fun and it's meant to highlight (in a creative way) the good things in your day that you might be overlooking. It's a smidge of photography, writing and positive psychology all mixed together. 

It'll give you a flurry of the warm and fuzzies without the gratitude fatigue (yes, that's a real thing!). 

This is a way to counteract the season of stuff that's careening right around the corner, to jump start your own wellbeing (before Merry Stressmas begins) and to get your creative juices flowing (especially if they've gone unused since your last turkey hand coloring outline at age 7.


Lizzie Larock

LaRock Star Creative

Creativity Courses + Positive Psychology Based Coaching
certified in applied positive psychology & Martha Beck Institute certified coach