Growth Mindset


Curiosity is the antidote to fixed mindset and judgments

Definition of Curious: recognizing, embracing, and seeking out knowledge and new experiences.

Curiosity is highly correlated with life satisfaction.

If you're curious you'll have higher task persistence, you won't give up. Being curious is associated with higher levels of well-being. 

If you're having trouble shifting into curiosity after a negative event, ask yourself: How can I learn, how can I grow? How can I get more curious about this situation rather than judgmental? Curiosity results in exploration. If you explore your environment more, you discover more. From that discovery, you get more positive emotions. Curiosity results in upward spirals resulting in exploration, discovery, pleasure, repetition, mastery, new skills, confidence, self-esteem, sense of security, more exploration. That's quite a positive feedback loop!

How fascinating ...

Get into the fascination habit. When something good or bad happens to you, before you curse, go into judgment or sink into depair, exclaim: "how fascinating!". Go to fascination first. See how quickly your mood shifts from narrowed and negative to being able to roll up your sleeves and come up with creative solutions. 

People who have the strength of creativity are curious. When the question is how can I ldo this differently. How can I look at this differently? What's in this box? What's behind this door? They want to know how something works. They are motivated by discovery and as you can see engaging in curiosity sets into motion a whole positive feedback loop that begets more curiosity. 

Positography Practice

1) Can you see the beauty in the ordinary (aka The Visual Feast)?
Take a non-literal photo of something completely ordinary in your house.  Something you would never give a second glance to as artistic inspiration.  Get up close.  Make it abstract.  Take a picture of its reflection or its shadow.  Or take something completely literal and translate it in a way that shows it in its most gorgeous glory.  Simple lines.  A punch of color.  Lovely symmetry.  Peeling paint. Rusted parts. Get curious, then find the beauty in the ordinary.

2) Take risks


Growth takes risks. Embarking on this life feast is taking a risk. It's taking photos of trash receptacles rather than mountain vistas. It's looking closer, leaning in and not going for the easy landscape.

Here are a few places where I've found beauty in the uneexpected.  My favorites: Top left, the moving walkway at the Detroit Airport.  Bottom left: the light shining down in a bathroom stall at a restaurant in Denver.  Ummm yes, I was actually taking the picture while on the toilet :-).